About KKN

In 2009 we initiated as a small group of enthusiasts, but now with Allah’s help KKN (Khuddam-E-Khatam-E-Nubuwwat) has a strong dedicated team and a community of devoted members whose passion to serve humanity and the Ummah of the beloved Prophet SAWW keep us pushing to next levels.

KKN is a nonprofit organization,  strives to fight issues like hunger, health, education, financial assistance and natural disasters. Along with dedicated projects, we also cover Ramadan, and both Eids by distributing Ramadan food packages, eidis to children and on Eid ul Adha meat to underprivileged people of our society.  

Our goal is to reach out to maximum number of people, therefore we invite you to join us and help us with your valuable time and resource so we could continue our work and dedication towards the Muslim brothers and sisters living in Pakistan.

Our Projects

KKN Dastarkhuwan

KKN has been providing daily free lunch to 10 to 14 to deserving people for the last two years.


KKN is supporting educational expenses of underprivileged children including uniforms.

Gifts For Brides

KKN gives essential commodities to the deserving brides for their wedding.

Medical Assistance

KKN provides medical facilities to the poor and needy patients.

Relief Work

KKN helps those people who suffer from natural calamities.

Financial Assistance

KKN provides monthly ration to widows and their families.

Team KKN

Vice President
Media Advisor
Legal Advisor
Finance Manager
Information Secretary
Joint Secretary


Any possible help to needy, poor and underprivileged people of our society.


Building bridges between the poor and the people who care.

Core Responsilibities

Providing financial assistance and monthly beneficial support for different purposes.

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